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  1. Don’t need any great amount of speed, it will have files dumped on it like once a week so if it takes a day to transfer it’s not a huge deal Im planning on doing 10gbps networking at the new house, and yeah 100% agree I should pay someone to do this but you’ve got to learn somewhere and how will I learn without making mistakes haha. No idea what protocol I’m using I am very very new to the server world been building computers and stuff for years but yeah never had much to do with the server side of it. Also yes definitely rack mount, sorry for being a noob to all of this but need to learn sometime
  2. Hey everyone, just needing some help with building a server never had much experience with Servers, I need to have at least 50TB so I can have a backup And not have to pay extra for Avids cloud subscription, any tips or if you could point me in the direction of some decent hardware and hopefully some open source server software, just needs to be a local server at this point don’t need to be able to access it offsite as of yet. Cheers everyone