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  1. Searched the forums and couldn't find the same situation. CPU is overheating while playing games until the system shuts down. Over 100 degrees celcius according to HWMonitor. Searching the internet I believed it to be the AIO pump on my Corsair H100i v2 because the radiator seems cool to the touch as well as only one tube being warm. Weird part was I reset my CPU clock speeds to stock and the system seemed fine, I played Shadow of War for about an hour with temps hovering between 50-60 degrees. Next day I went to see if I could boost clock speeds back up a little but the system is running idle at 60, hit in the 90s briefly just booting up and then stayed in the 90-100s just trying to open Shadow of War. Even dropping speeds back down didn't help like it did before. I find it weird that everything seems to be working fine then doesn't with the same system settings. Specs: i5-6600k at 4.5Ghz OC - 3.9 stock 16gb ram Asus Ranger VIII Corsair RM650i PSU Corsair H100i v2 AIO I also used Core Temp to verify. I have Corsair ready to send me a new H100i because I am still under warranty but having it work then not under the same settings makes me worry there may be something I am missing and that a new cooler might not help.