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  1. What i will try AGAIN is formatting. I really don't know what else to do. When in doubt format.
  2. Sorry i meant 1gbps and yes i know the difference betweeen the two mb and mb. I just seen massive drops in download speeds from say 80mbs down to a steady 15mbs. I also am having massive rubber banding issues in my video games cs go, pubg apex, I know its not a hardware issue i have tested this on both pcs i have 6660k gtx 1070, and 9600k 1080 ti.
  3. Hey guys i have just switched to cogeco's 10gbps, i am just wondering what would cause say 70mbs download speeds to and have it drop down to a steady 14mb? This is really frustrating and i would really like to know what would cause this fluctuation? I will say i have i am testing these both on steam and origin. This is all wired cat 6 cable and do not have any wifi running at the moment to do my tests. All my speed tests are normal. Any ideas anyone?