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  1. New monitor because your system looks good but what kind of monitor are you thinking I can give suggestions
  2. Try updating your windows install drive/completely reinstall windows on it
  3. ya I thought I had. It tied because in the last system I think I tied it it to upgrade from windows 7 because I did a clean install in stead of the upgrade option. @Windows7ge
  4. I didn’t try that menu thanks and would the problem be fixed if I activated windows @Windows7ge
  5. Yes I juts took it out of my old computer and put it into the new one with out reinstalling windows ( I would preferred not to reinstall windows on it) @Windows7ge
  6. My system specs are ryzen 7 2700x tuf b450m plus gaming 3000mghz trident z rgb Samsung 1tb SATA HDD Kingston A400 120gb SATA SSD Xfx blower RX 480
  7. Hideseek9


    Ok thanks that’s fine
  8. Hideseek9


    If I get a VR headset and I haven’t activated windows will it shows the water mark thanks just want to know if yes some links to where I can buy a cheap copy of windows 10 pro would be good
  9. Thanks for your answers I will change the stuff out in the future accordingly
  10. ryzen 7 2700x 2x8 trident z RGB Ram 300mghz asus tuf b450m plus cougar mx 330-g evga 500watt 80+ white psu xfx rx 480 kingston a400 120gb 7200 rpm hdd 1TB