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  1. I just received my pre-built PC from iBuyPower with the following specs ; Mobo: MSI Z390 TOMAHAWK, CPU: Core i7-9700KF, GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti - 11GB ASUS DUAL OC, RAM: DDR4 - 3200 XPG D41. Now, When i received the PC, I made sure everything was well connected, booted it up and worked perfectly. after about an 2 hours of testing games, while playing CS:GO, the PC froze and i manually shut it off after about 5 minutes. After the reboot, windows told me something went wrong and i couldn't get back into the computer. I then notice 2 LEDs solid red, above the ram and tried finding the problem in the manual, and all it says, is that it's DIMM LED's that indicate if the memory is installed. I took the ram out, put it back in and they're still on. checked the bios and it says there's nothing wrong ( to my little knowledge in PC's). Also just now, Got this message after the the pc crashed (2nd photo). So much for plug and play...