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  1. So stuff some more ddr3 in it, fit an i7 into my existing board, simple enough, iv also got an am3+ board licking around, would this be any better than the Intel options.
  2. So iv been out of the game a while now, this was built about 5 years ago too hook up too my TV and play some games and be able too chill out on the sofa instead of sat at my desk. It would quite happily play most games when it was built but it's getting a bit old in the tooth now. Spec: Intel i3-3240 (generic cooler) Gigabyte ga-gh61m-dis mobo 4gb or corsair ram, Amd radion r9 280 (I think) 600 watt corsair psu, Don't want too spend a fortune but trying too decide where money is best spent 200-300 gbp, or do I bin it all off and start again, Any advice, I'm happy too trawl through ebay and pick up second hand parts, I think the only new bits I bought for this were the card and the psu.