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  1. Yeah I will probably just connect to the motherboard usb ports if the front usb3.0 gets worn
  2. Alright thanks I have the ports at the back in case something does happen but its good to know nothing like severe will happen
  3. Hey guys I was building a pc and I am waiting for my gpu and I was installing case fans and found no other way to install the top intake one unless I squish the USB3.0 cable. Is this bad will I have data loss if I transfer files onto a usb? Here's what I am talking about in the image
  4. Thanks man I am new to this so I didn't know if it would do anything
  5. I got this m.2 ssd from my local pc store and there is a warranty sticker placed on the m.2 ssd itself and I was wondering with the heat would something bad happen? Would it be fine if I removed the sticker?
  6. I am looking at the Darkflash dlm 23 and the tecware m3 tg and I have seen it happen on this forum before and some people talked about it. I was just a bit skeptical
  7. I wanted to get a pc case with rubber grommets but it's cheap so I thought they cut some corners so I'm scared with the tempered glass. Is it still something to worry about cuz there was another case that had no rubber grommets but it was hinge door design and there were no screws putting pressure on the glass and it was a bit more expensive. I've seen some forums where the tempered glass explodes upon touching with cheaper cases.