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  1. Update : bought new ram and that fixed my issue! Old was 16bg 2666mhz, new is 32gb 3200mhz!
  2. It`s not any better! Just played wake island bfv, and sometimes i dropped to 50 fps.... Everyone i play with has at least 150fps... There is something really wrong with my pc! But can`t find out what! Any ideas?
  3. No programs running! no malware as far as i know! Yes it is oc, and yes i have tried reverting, no change at all!
  4. 1080... Everyone i play with get alot more fps... And they have weaker pc`s! I play on LOW settings!
  5. I`m suffering from really really bad performance in bfv... I`ve tried all the settings i can find, but NOTHING helps! My pc: RTX 2080 I7 9700K Rob strix z390-F HyperX Fury DDR4 2666 16gb Here is a short clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn2Upj3EkcA&feature=youtu.be