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  1. Hello, I never saw the select interface page and may have skipped it, selecting the incorrect option. Do I have to fix this and if so, how?
  2. I know that the 3600 and 3600X are faster but do you think that the difference in price is justifiable by the performance improvement?
  3. $190 which is why I advocated for the 3600X
  4. Do you think the $65 extra is worth spending if I’m not going with a super high-end GPU? I plan on getting a 1660 Super or Ti
  5. Should I get the 2700X for $135 on Amazon after a 15% back or get the 3600X for $200? This will mostly be used for gaming and Plex
  6. I watched all 8 3 times, They don’t mention all of them. They just announce what they found and not where
  7. Where does Linus buy hardware for scrapyard wars besides Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace?