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  1. I don't have the money for a new system I was just looking at upgrading the gpu but it's become a massive pain. What is the danger with the PSU is there a danger to the other components or just that it won't work?
  2. FSP450-40EMDN and I'm looking at upgrading to a 2060
  3. I've got a 450 watt PSU and I want to upgrade my gpu to a 2060, my CPU is an i5 7400 and all together PC part picker says my rig will use 320 watts but idk if my PSU is still enough. Is it and if not what are rhe consequences I can't upgrade my PSU without upgrading my motherboard and I just can't to that so should I just upgrade my GPU or wait and build a whole new system.?
  4. I'm looking at upgrading my PC's PSU it's a Prebuilt medion S91. But the motherboard has a 14 pin connector and I'm looking at an adapter but I'm not sure if that's a good idea and if so how do I find the right adapter?
  5. How do I find the correct adapter is it a specific adapter or would any 14 pin adapter work?
  6. The adapter is for the PSU to motherboard. The motherboard has a 14 pin connector and the PSU also but if I upgrade the PSU I will need an adapter
  7. I'm trying to upgrade my PC but I'm not sure if I need to upgrade the PSU and I'm not sure how I have a 14pin connector on the motherboard and am confused about adapters how to I find an adapter for my motherboard? My PC is a Prebuilt and I'm not sure what the motherboard is it's some kind medion motherboard I think h110h4-em but it's not the exact same it's from an Medion S91.
  8. IdK I can't find that out maybe it's on the motherboard itself? I can't check right now. It doesn't show up in any software.
  9. Okay. Is PC part picker accurate with the wattage and what's the rule with 80% or something like that?
  10. Okay Thanks. What happens if the wattage isn't enough? Also is there any danger In an adaptor and where do you find them? Just Amazon?
  11. What am I looking for? Is the pinout the connector? Sorry I'm not exactly an expert on PC building. Also what are the reasons for upgrading PSU and what are you looking for?
  12. Would the adapter be specific to the motherboard or just a 14 pin adapter also I got conflicting views about weather or not the PSU was okay on my other post you can see if you want