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  1. Unfortunately even with the old m.2 drive installed the SSD with windows installed doesn't appear in the BIOS boot order. With the old m.2 removed completely, problem is same - boot to bios, wont wont to Windows, no boot options shown except Network boot Reinstall the M.2 everything works as before. I'm fairly sure this must be some Windows Boot Manager Issue and that somehow some files have ended up on the M.2 drive and thats preventing a normal boot. I have no idea how to fix it tho.
  2. I'm hoping someone here can help, please! So: Asus x370-Pro Motherboard 3 drives: Disk 0: 256GB SAMSUNG SM961 M.2, PCIe NVMe- Video Projects (video files etc) (D:) Disk 1: 2TB Western Digital standard spinning HD (E:) Disk 2: 250GB Samsung 850 2.5" EVO SSD - Boot drive Win10 (C:) System is booting in UEFI mode Have new Sabrent Rocket 1TB PCIe NVMe drive to upgrade the 256GB Samsung Video projects drive. If I remove the old M.2 drive and install the Sabrent drive the PC will not boot, goes straight to BIOS Settings. I've tried cloning the 256GB M.2 to the new 1TB M.2 (using an external M.2 enclosure) still no joy When the PC is booting normally with the 256GB M.2 drive installed there is an entry in the BIOS for "Windows Boot Manager (SAMSUNG MZVPW256HEGL-0000)" This is the M.2 drive, but windows isn't booting from there, It's booting from the 850 EVO SSD. Do I need to alter the Windows Boot Manger? I'm confused. What am I missing or what do I need to do? All I want to do is swap out the 256GB PCIe NVMe drive for the new 1TB one I don't want to boot from this drive, I just want to use it to store 4K video files so I can edit them in Resolve. Any help or guidance here greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in Advance