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  1. Hello, all, This is my first post to Linustechtips's forum, so let's see if you guys can help. A few years back, around 2015, I obtained an AVerCapture HD GL310 capture card (as the box says), and I couldn't use it at the time because my computer was not the greatest. Recently, I found the card once again. Realizing I may not have the cable, I dug around my various hiding places for cables and found ONE that fit the port on the side [Mini-USB]. I'm sure this is the one, as its length is about 6ft, the same as the described length of the cord than comes with the card online. I plugged my HDMI IN from my console (XBOX 1) and my HDMI OUT to my LG TV. After that, I plugged in the cord to my PC (trying both USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports) and no light is flashing. I know how the card is supposed to work, vaguely, but no recent posts online appear when looking for help. Also, while using the LGP Lite - GL310 download software, it says it is not detected. Hope you techies out here can save this $100, four year-old investment, although, if you can't, I won't be upset. Thanks, El <3