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  1. Solved, found original manufacturers windows recovery file.
  2. I'm regarding the built in keyboard that's on the laptop, I did find another keyboard to test and it works. Device manager shows 2 of the same keyboard devices using the same drivers and they seem to work with the USB keyboard but not the original on the laptop.
  3. Lenovo legion y7000p laptop Occurred after doing a driver update I've uninstalled drivers, updated them, even wiped all my data and did a full reformat and fresh windows install, still no luck. Fn+volume up/volume down works Fn+trackpad works Fn+keyboard backlight brightness works Everything else does not, caps lock and num lock don't light up when pressed either Doesn't work in safe mode, but works as intended prior to windows boot and in bios Didn't work during my fresh installation set up Don't have a 2nd keyboard to test but if I bind letters to my extra mouse buttons they do work Normally I can figure these things out but this ones stumping me.. Any help greatly appreciated