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  1. I think the confusion among the hx series might be related to the last TH review of it, they mentioned the regular HX is better in some areas (can't remember exactly, but I've read it a few days ago) than the hxi. Either way more than 3 reviews mention both 850 and 1000 having excellent ripple control so there shouldn't be any noticeable difference.
  2. Oh wow, I had previously narrowed it down to something like a HX850i or a Prime Platinum but it seems these open up a new perspective. I'm gonna google some reviews of those and do some reading. I'm avoiding the focus stuff for now because I'm quite sure local vendors have older stock and might not have the revisions, will see if I can source it somewhere else. PS:Kudos to you for actually teaching others! Edit: seems I have to rule out the Bitfenix Whisper as well because only caseking has them and shipping is like a third of its price.
  3. Would you have any hints on how to figure out if it's a modern topology? Sometimes it gets confusing because most vendors do not mention the release date of the units, so it's quite hard to determine if it's a refreshed unit or an older unit, especially with stocks being old across various stores, plus items have different SKU's for EU, which is another layer of complications (a good example of this is the AX line which has like 2018, 2010 etc variants, superflower's stuff looks extremely similar as well).
  4. Apologies, I actually wanted to link a few but I figured I didn't want to bother you guys with long posts. The one I mentioned was here https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/cooler-master-v1300-platinum-power-supply,6115.htm Juular linked the other one on the 850W unit. @Juular My knowledge is probably superficial, but I compared the load testing graphs on a few units and I assume a higher wattage unit would be more efficient if it runs at the 50% efficiency level under load. I was just trying to figure out a way to balance it out between 10% and 50% workloads so it always runs at higher efficiency.
  5. @Juular Oh that's good to know, thank you! Initially I wanted to build a TR workstation, but with the crazy prices here on the new threadrippers (and the previous platform not making much sense anymore), it's a little bit too much for an entry workstation. I would probably build around a 3900x or 3950x, leaving options open towards a 3960X when next gen is out, if I reach a point where render times start being really important. I will probably be using most of the SATA ports available (up to 4xSSD 2xHDD) and for the GPU side I'm hoping to drag it out with a 1070 until a suitable replacement makes sense. But really I would just rather have the system running cool at lower rpm, firstly to avoid noise and second for daily power savings (if I leave UE4 loading environment assets overnight, for example, I really wouldn't want the system to be holding the PSU at full load). Also the chassis isn't great in terms of ground clearance for the PSU socket, it sits barely above ground level so I would assume the fan spinning faster wouldn't be as useful. @LukeSavenije Interesting, I've read Delta has a reputation for build quality, but I checked some in-depth reviews which pointed out the V1300 isn't doing great in transient response (3.3V) compared to many other alternatives in the same price point (V1000 would be relevant here but it's newer so I can't find any review). So I was wondering why someone would recommend it over a Corsair or EVGA with higher efficiency levels. Btw, thank you for the detailed reply!
  6. Hey folks! I'd like to ask a few things just to become wiser when it comes to PSU's, but I thought I'd add a little context first. I'm a bit confused and I've been looking at this newer tier list (I used to keep an eye on the older one) trying to understand the criteria, at least generally, for noobs. At a quick glance it seems like the Corsair AX series ranked lower in this one compared to the old list, I'm mostly looking for a 1000W/850W (in case there's no cheaper option for the former) so it caught my glimpse; I was just reading through Aris' reviews on TH and apparently the AX1000 has gotten a pretty recent revision. With that in mind: - why would Corsair HXi be recommended over the 2018 AX revision for multiple GPU setup? - how come the V Platinum is a top recommendation now with their new version? - would a more recent production PSU offer any advantage for Zen2 cpu's, taking into account that amd handles system idle totally different now? Also, would their "race to sleep" implementation have any impact on sub 10% loads when it comes to general efficiency? Thank you for your time!