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  1. I plan on using this laptop normally, so no. but won't the windows icon and the task bar, etc, be considered as displaying an image for many hours a day?
  2. I bought the new Gigabyte Aero 15 with 4K OLED screen over Thanksgiving, and I am waiting for it to arrive this Monday. However, ever since I bought the laptop, I can't escape the fear of it getting burn ins after just few years of use. My friend, who convinced me to buy the 4K OLED version instead of the 1080p 144hz version, said that OLED technology has come a long way, and the new panels are going to last longer than the other components in the laptop, which I took with a grain of salt. He also said recent smartphones all have OLED displays, and despite being used in harsher conditions than a laptop will be in, such as under the sun, there are little reports of phones getting burn ins, which is evidence that the new OLED panels have longer life spans. I am currently a freshman in college, so I don't have the money to replace my laptop anytime soon. I expect this laptop to at least last me through grad school, which will be approximately six years, but I don't have confidence, despite my friends preaching, that the display will last that long without image retention. I still have time to return the OLED laptop and get the 1080p version. So, are my friend's claims true and is six years longer than the expected life span of the panel?