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  1. Right now things are fine. But I will experiment with Mozila to see if the problem persists. On my laptop, that was entry level laptop with GTX 1050, i5 8th gen and 8gb Ram, I had no problems with Premiere and Photoshop open at the same time... Sometimes After effects as well, but that was its limit Never used it long with all 3 programs running at the same time. I am using Adobe 2019 versions. I will follow up with more info when something occurs. Thanks for the fast response
  2. Hahaha you are right The thing is he has 2 gpus left that he uses for work and both of them are fine. Maybe he gave me the bad one... Not intentionally, he is my closest friend. I will test with Premiere and Photoshop
  3. I read that iCue does that, not uncommon. On my laptop I did a lot of big projects on 8gb, I dont think I lack capacity
  4. I have been having some performance problems. When I open Photoshop or Premiere RAM skyrockets to 14gbs of 16gbs installed. If I zoom a lot in the project, the program crashes and my video card is not showing in Task manager anymore... (I re-enable it in Device Manager) The issue might be the GPU, a friend gave it to me. He had some mining rigs, he said he didn't press it too hard. It might be the GPU, but why the high RAM usage? Maybe both are bad. When I play games at 1440p 100fps~ High settings, I have no problems. My Opera browser has 6-8 tabs open usually. The problem is happening with other lighter programs too Ryzen 5 3600(boosted to 4.2, with 2.9 voltage) GTX 1070 OC Strix and 16gigs(2x8) Corsair Veng Pro Asus Prime x-470 Pro If someone has encountered similar behavior and has some answers or has some ideas, it would help.
  5. So I am putting a system together for some games and work. And I have a PSU(THUNDER 600W-Link) that I have for a few years, but haven't used it much. On the forums I read its a "Do Not Buy" PSU. The parts I will be using are: R5 3600 + GTX 1070 8G(with Asus Prime X470-PRO). I am not planning on putting more GPUs or more consumption than normal. Do you think it may cause me some big problems in the future, and if it did will it damage the other components? At the moment I dont't have the budget to get a new PSU, but If it endangers the other parts I am not risking it and will buy something reliable. Thank you :)