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  1. Ideally I want to transfer some files from my old to new before formatting the old one. But to do that I want to boot with the NVME with the old SSD connected.
  2. So I bought an NVME drive (1tb) 970 Samsung EVO for black friday, I did a fresh install of windows 10 onto it, and I have configured in the Bios to boot from it. 191206151106.BMP I did this by selecting the highlighted in red option at the bottom taking me here191206151206.BMP where my 2 SSD's show up in the drop down menu. It is cut off but the first one "Windows Boot Manager (Sa" is the NVME, and the second one "Windows Boot Manager (P5" is the old SSD. From the save and exit screen you can see this. P5 = 500gb 840 Evo. Despite all this being set, it still boots to the old SSD every time if the old one is plugged in. If it is unplugged, it will boot to the NVME just fine. The goal here to to be able to boot on my NVME and use the other old SSD for storage. I don't really know where to go from here, someone please help! 191206151210.BMP