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  1. It's new happened on day one Will I be able to "break-in" the PSU because it's new maybe will it go away after sometime
  2. I experience this super high pitched noise from my pc after shutting it down Even when I unplug the power the noise is still there For it to go away I have to unplug the cord and press the power button to discharge any power remaining Then it would stop How do I fix this
  3. Kombustor is a GPU stress test provided with afterburner
  4. There no artifacts and screen tearing
  5. Look at the memory clock bro it's maxed out is it normal to not crash
  6. Is this normal MSI AFTERBURNER and combustor doesn't crash it's smooth but is this normal??? I have a i5 4370
  7. Download the latest m.2 drivers https://www.gigabyte.com/sg/Motherboard/B450M-S2H-rev-10/support#support-dl
  8. hey guys this is my first pc build how did It turn out is cable management good how's the placement of everything This is a matx
  9. Hey so I'm building a new system And I'm using the ASRock (B365m) Phantom Gaming 4 motherboard I was wondering if I could use the XPG Spectrix s40g (512gb NVMe) to boot from and install Windows 10 I wouldn't be using any secondary drives so will it work with only the Nvme 512gb as my Boot and storage? Please help me check for compatibly ? Thanks alot MOBO : https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/B365M Phantom Gaming 4/index.asp NVMe : https://www.xpg.com/en/feature/610/
  10. Hey they are compatible I checked https://www.transcend-info.com/Support/compatibility/product/991/ Look under ASRock there is my motherboard
  11. I couldn't find a 970pro without BW
  12. Are they the same with and without "BW"