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  1. @minibois you are an asset to the forum!! Thank you! Aside from the annoying watermark and the limited customization is there a difference between an activated and a non activated windows? what would you do? spare the 200$ price tag for windows 10?
  2. Hey people, I'm considering buying a windows 10 pro key so I watched two youtubers (paul's hardware, tech source) that recommended two sites that sell pretty cheap keys. www.kinguin.net www.urcdkey.com I read a little on the internet and it seems that the opinions are divided about whether they're legit or not. Do you happen to have experience with them? Is it common for them to be randomly deactivated? and if so is it possible to contact microsoft support? Also I've read that some people say that these are stolen keys - is it true?
  3. Ok I finally managed to resolve the problem going to post an update to the original post - you're more than welcome to take a look. Thank you very much for reaching out to help.
  4. Trying to disconnect it and do it again right away. I've downloaded windows from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 I would assume that it is the latest version, is it not?
  5. I have the "Asus TUF Gaming x570-PLUS (WI-FI)" motherboard. It has a dedicated antenna that connects as follows - I do have it connected at the moment.
  6. I had it restart a couple of times but i keeps sending the "the computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error..." message - Its a new build and a new drive if it matters. The things is that from this - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/bug-check-0x7c--bugcode-ndis-driver i understand that this is a network driver error - the problem is that i don't have windows installed to install the motherboard LAN drivers... Is there a chance that this is because I didn't connect the Ethernet cable?
  7. @Viper9 I have checked that the modules are seated well - I can see both of them In the bios summary. I have the nh-d15 noctua cooler so making any changes to the build is a hassle - I'd rather try everything else before going that way if its possible of course I can - is this the code?
  8. This is getting annoying.. Anyway I've got all the components plugged in. Updated bios to the latest version. At first I enabled the D.O.C.P disabled it thinking this may be the cause (it's probably not). Booting off my bood usb drive - starting the installation , everything seems fine up until this point and then I get this error followed by a loop of booting and this error message Tried googling at first, nothing helped. I hope you guys can help me EDIT - SOLVED Apparently this is a known issue from a while back for the Asus TUF Gaming x570-PLUS (WI-FI) paired with Ryzen 9 3900x. Here are two posts that helped me solve the issue https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/cftkgq/please_help_bugcode_ndis_driver_blue_screen_when/ https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1130393-asus-x570-tuf-gaming-issues/ TL;DR There's more than one way to solve this issue. The one that worked for me just to skip past the BSOD error and the reboot loops (still in the middle of installing and updating) was to disable the wifi controller and the lan controller in the BIOS.
  9. @Slottr @Wh0_Am_1 @minibois Thank you! So I understand that I need to use the single PCIE cable and connect both ends of that cable (blue and red in my pic) to the GPU - correct? Sorry for having these kind of obvious questions - this is my first build and i spend a good amount on to so I don't want to mess anything up.
  10. My first time build adventures continue.. So my graphics card has two 8 pin power connections, I opened my rm650i box and took both pcie power cables. I notices that at the end that connects to the GPU the cable splits to two - Do I connect both the red end and the blue end to the GPU as a 8pin + 8(6+2)pin connections or do I need to take another pcie cable and use two separate cables and use just the red end on both of them? Examples on Youtube have both people who use custom dedicated 8 pin power for each connections and people who use the cable shown in the pic and connect both ends (red and blue). My logic tells me that using just one cable will cause for a bigger load on the cable, Am I wrong? Do I need to use two separate cables and just connect the red end on each? !!Thank you people
  11. @minibois @emosun @Mira Yurizaki @Harshvardhan Thank you for your such fast responses! You guys really helped me, I just love this community.
  12. @emosun @Harshvardhan So I just want to make sure I got it correctly My coloured manual connection layout is correct reset sw and power sw can go either way My + and - orientation on the h.d.d led is correct "yes" on all three?
  13. Here I am - a first time builder almost done with most of the build and now stuck in the front panel connectors step. Of course I tried looking into the manual but I couldn't understand the direction of these three connections - power sw reset sw h.d.d led The power led connections were straight forward because they were separate to a + and - cable - easy to differentiate. However the other three cables are 2 pin connectors without a clear indication for the + or -, or ground on them. here is the motherboard manual and my colorful markings - Am I right with how I plan on connecting them? here are the cables - which is GND on power and reset sw? Am I right with the H.d.d LED + and -?