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  1. Thank you for the reply, but I am confused. I don't see optical connection on asus xonar dx.
  2. Hello, Let me just start by telling you guys that I am a total virgin, when it comes to audio. Spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to buy, but in the end I feel even more confused. So I am sorry if there are other topics on this subject, but I couldn't understand 90% of the stuff. Topics I read always say that the card must have DDL and DTS. But some cards do not support it via optical connection (or so I understand), some have problems with driver license (O_o), others have different issues (I guess). Saw recommendations for Xonar dx, dgx, d1 (all kind of alphabetical combinations), soundblaster z, soundblaster z + more letters. But then I read specific comments about the card and some people say it works, some that it does not. I am so baffled that the cable I purchased collects dust for the past year, because every couple of months I decide to finally buy an audio card and a week later I end up totally lost. So I will try to be as narrow as I can on my question. Setup: Motherboard - Asus z170 pro gaming, Sound system - Logitech z906, OS - Windows 10 What I want - Entry level audio card so I can watch 5.1 movies (different formats I think) and play games with surround option when using optical cable. Video player used to watch movies - Media Player classic. No need of audiophile cards. Budged option, because I can not hear the difference (especially now with the annoying tinnitus in my left ear), nor can z906 produce a decent sound for any audiophile card (from what I understand). For comparison: I have LG 55UH605V connected to z906 via optical cable, used for Netflix and movies from external HDD and I think its great. Would appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!