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  1. I finally switched from an Intel CPU to AMD Ryzen, I was one of those people that got caught up in the appeal. Honestly sad I never looked into AMD sooner.
  2. Yeah I had to buy a new CPU because I was experiencing issues with my GTX 1080, part of the reason why I am selling my old setup.
  3. The irony is I was looking at a RX series for myself and for some reason didn't think to include that in my searches lol
  4. Hey All, I am selling some old PC parts to a friend and I am looking to find a good GPU for him to purchase for the machine. The parts I am selling my friend are- Asus Maximus IX Formula Intel i5-7500 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB I was thinking of suggesting a Asus Strix 1060, or any 1060, as a graphics card but wasn't sure if he would experience CPU bottlenecking? He would be playing a lot of Destiny 2 but I would like for him to have a card that can offer more options for gaming. I am giving him quite a deal on all the parts so he can get a good GPU and possible replace the i5 with an i7-7700k, so there is a potential for a future CPU upgrade. I appreciate any help I can get with this topic. Thanks much!!
  5. Looking at the 3600 and a B450, it's cheaper than buying an I7 7700k or 6700k. Thanks everyone for the advice! MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  6. Looking at R5 3600 it is showing that the CPU is now more powerful than the GPU, will this cause issues? The GTX 1080 can be overclocked so would I need to overclock to compensate for the shift?
  7. I have a Maximus IX Formula with an 1151 socket and a I5 7500. After building the PC about 3 years ago I noticed a lot of bottlenecking with my Asus GTX 1080 GPU, I foolishly bought a MOBO/CPU package on Amazon. I was also a fool for not realizing there are bottleneck calculators online which would have shown me the CPU and GPU are incompatible. Looking around I know my best option for an upgrade would be a i7 7700k however scarcity and pricing makes that a bit difficult. I have been looking at the I7 6700k but I am unsure because they are also scarce and expensive. Am I better off selling my current MOBO/CPU and buying a new MOBO/CPU or going with the 7700k or 6700k?