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  1. I just finished the bios update and stupid temp spike is still there, i guess next i should try windows reinstall but this was present before i formated my pc so i doubt that will change anything, and i just remembered, damn there are so many anomalies with this cpu, when i keep Uplay open my cpu voltage is all the time at 1.4v+, when i minimize its get back to its normal up and downs.
  2. I have Coolermaster MasterLiquid lite 120mm but switched the fan with Noctua NF-F12 PWM IPPC-3000 with around 60-70% speed, above that its getting too loud, the cooling is fine i guess, also have 2x CORSAIR ML 140mm on front and 2x Enermax UCCLA14P. going to update the bios now and see what happens.
  3. There are 2 cpu temps in hwinfo CPU (Tctl) which is 10C higher and CPU (Tdie) which is supposed to be the actual temp of the cpu, at least thats what i read, ill try updating bios later and see if that changes anything.
  4. Wasnt doing anything just scrolling on a browser and it suddenly went up to 90C, but odd thing is everything on PC was normal as i have hwinfo64 running all the time so i didnt panick and shut down the pc but instead i checked how the pc is behaving, the cpu didnt have any load 3-6%, the frequency was low too except one or two cores a bit higher then the rest but not at max speed, not even at 3.7Ghz, i think i should try updating bios as i dont think there is any solution to this crazy cpu.
  5. I forgot to mention, my temps are fine i do video editing and during the render it doesnt go beyond 62-63C, i even used cpu benchmark tools to test it doesnt go beeyond 70C, so i think its not the thermal paste, im using HWinfo64 btw and it has 2 cpu temps with 10c difference higher one probably being the offset temp. As for 85-90 i would say the software is reading it wrong but then why the fans went crazy. Forgot to mention also when i play games the cpu behaves pretty normal temp wise except the voltage which stays at around 1.4ish all the time. Can it be the motherboard and does it matter if i update my bios since there are several bios updates released after the one i have.
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first ever post in any forum please so forgive if im on wrong section or made any mistake, i usually solve my problems by searching on forums, but i couldnt find anything about this issue. My setup: Ryzen 7 2700x MSI x470 Gaming Plus Hyperx Predator RGB 32gb 4x8GB (HX429C15PB3AK4/32) Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum - 750W (SSR-750PX) Sapphire 5700 XT Reference Card My problem is with my CPU and its a weird one, whenever i scroll on a website that contains high number of pictures on it my cpu temp would suddenly jump from 35C to around 60C tried different browsers same problem, it can be any website, tested on many, if i do that on a wallpaper based websites it happens more often and shorter intervals, It also happens when i open pictures on a pc. It doesnt happen from the cpu load nor from cpu frequency since both can stay at same numbers while i scroll and temp jumps up without affecting any of those, also checked cpu voltage, which i guess is not, since it happens at any number, i also want to mention that i have the so called chainsaw problem on my cpu which is constantly moving around 35-45, funny thing is that if i switch my power profile to power saver all this problems are gone, no chainsaw no sudden temp spikes nothing. Also have to mention that few times happened that temp went crazy up to 85-90C while everything on pc looked normal, except once when i noticed that voltage dropped to around 1.10v - 1.15. Thanks in advance