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  1. So i wouldn't run into any issues if i used intel with two of these 2x8? kits correct?
  2. okay nice but will i be able to run two of these kits? so i get 32gb ram? or should i go for the 4x8 kit?
  3. So if i use 2x of these 2x8gb ram kits so i get 4x8gb ram would that cause any issues? or do i have to buy a 4x8 kit? I guess they would work perfect on a intel rig like you said?
  4. hard to find in sweden only one store has them (dustin home) that's why i'm wondering if this would work Edit: i could buy from that store but i rather not, that is if there will be any issues with the 2x sets
  5. IMC? i copy pasted the ram name and the text looked big so i just made everything else big
  6. If i bought two of these: G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL14 Trident Z Neo https://www.gskill.com/product/165/299/1562839044/F4-3600C14D-16GTZNTrident-Z-NeoDDR4-3600MHz-CL14-15-15-35-1.40V16GB-(2x8GB) Would i run into any issues with compatibility? or am i fine?
  7. Isn't this the best 2080 ti? someone told me it is, is kingpin really better? I was planning to get the 2080 ti asus matrix ( but for some reason my order got cancelled and they removed the store ) https://www.gigabyte.com/se/Graphics-Card/GV-N208TAORUSX-W-11GC#kf also thanks for all the information!
  8. yeah i was thinking of that one too Just trying to see the best builds for intel and amd would look like and choose from that. i was thinking of doing 3950x amd ryzen but now it seems like i can get my hands on a 5.3 ghz i9 9900ks all core so my build is going to have to change
  9. this is true it's either go for that or wait for the 3080 ti or go for a 2080 ti and wait for 3080 ti
  10. What's the best ram for a silicon lottery 5.3ghz i9 9900ks all core cpu? (there is no budget) to achieve the highest possible in gaming, 1080p, lowest settings in games. ( to reach that 240fps with a 240hz monitor ) not sure if i should use a single titan rtx or 2080 ti sli-nvlink
  11. Okay thanks a bunch for taking your time to help me out! I'll go with the 3600mhz 16cl 64gb and see if i can tune it down to 3600mhz 14cl 64gb.
  12. oh i just saw this edit one last question is it possible for the 3600mhz 16cl 64gb to get tuned down to 3600mhz 14cl 64gb? or should i just go for the 3200mhz 14cl and get it to 3600mhz 14cl?
  13. I think i'll just go with the 3600mhz 16cl, 64gb and see what i can do to lower the timings/latency and maybe even up the speed to 3733-3800 ( it all depends on what fps/stability i'll get in benchmarks ) Short answer the (3600mhz 16cl 64gb) is better than the (32000mhz 14cl 64gb) when both are tuned with dram calculator correct? edit: the 3600mhz 16cl 64gb is around 30$+ more than the 3200mhz 14cl 64gb i know price doesn't always mean it's better
  14. yes on that you can lower the 3600mhz 16cl timings to 3600mhz 14cl or yes that the 3200mhz 14cl is better performance? if tuned to 3600mhz 14cl
  15. i see thanks for the info maybe i'm just plain stupid lol, but you said u got your 3200mhz 14cl to 3600mhz 14cl tuned, i guess the 3600mhz 16cl can go to 4000mhz 14cl when tuned but the best performance is around 3600-3733-3800mhz when using infinty fabric clocks correct? Wouldn't that mean that the TUNED 3600mhz 14cl would perform better than the TUNED 4000mhz 16cl, or is it possible to lower the timings on the 3600mhz 16cl? thanks for taking your time to help me out btw i appreciate it alot Edit: I should add in that i'll be using the aorus xtreme x570 mobo.
  16. I edited my reply to you above^^ So the 3600mhz 16cl is hands down the best even if you do all the work with timing/tuning with it? compared to 3200mhz 14cl just want to make sure i get the best ram kit possible before i buy it
  17. So which one would be better when doing all the timings/binning/tuning 3600mhz 16cl or 3200mhz 14cl, as in i put all the work to do this which one would perform better? If u were me which one would you go for? ( you have no budget ) you used the d-ram calculator for the 3600mhz 14cl timings right? Edit: the ryzen performs best at 3600-3733-3800mhz so that 3600mhz sounds pretty nice question is, is it possible to use the regular 3600mhz 16cl, and tune it down to 3600mhz 14cl?
  18. which one should i choose when tuning it with the dram calculator? 3200mhz 14-14-14-34 (1.35voltage) 64gb or 3600mhz 16-16-16-36 (1.35voltage) 64gb
  19. What's the absolute best ram money can buy for the ryzen 3950 when it's tuned with the d-ram calculator https://www.gskill.com/product/165/299/1562839114/F4-3600C14Q-32GTZNTrident-Z-NeoDDR4-3600MHz-CL14-15-15-35-1.40V32GB-(4x8GB) 3600mhz 14cl-15-15-35 (1.40voltage) 32gb ram vs https://www.gskill.com/product/165/299/1562839857/F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNTrident-Z-NeoDDR4-3600MHz-CL16-16-16-36-1.35V64GB-(4x16GB) 3600mhz 16cl-16-16-36 (1.35voltage) 64gb ram vs https://www.gskill.com/product/165/168/1562838710/F4-3200C14Q-64GTZNTrident-Z-NeoDDR4-3200MHz-CL14-14-14-34-1.35V64GB-(4x16GB) 3600mhz 14cl-14-14-34 (1.35voltage) 64gb ram I want to try to achieve 64gb but i'm not sure how much fps loss i would have in games compared to the 3600mhz 14cl 32gb kit so it's pretty much 3600mhz 14cl 32gb 3600mhz 16cl 64gb 3200mhz 14cl 64gb which one would be the best for me? Goal is to: achieve the highest fps in games while still being top of the line on streaming/recording with the highest bitrate and settings, aswell as some editing. He's using a 3600mhz 14cl (16gb kit same as the 32gb kit) Thanks for reading
  20. I believe amd has best performance at 3600-3733-3800mhz so it's just to go for the tightest timings possible while being at the mhz listed