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  1. gpu driver update seems to have fixed the problem. I've had this issue for a while when using the the lenovo vantage program. Driver update in the passed didn't work till now.
  2. no changes that i can think of. I'm using a legion 740 laptop with rtx 2060. no problems during game play temps stay around 77-79 during MW/Warzone
  3. on certain programs I continue to get some wired glitching of some type i don't know how to explain it so i took a video. only happens in 2 programs thus far the valorant launcher and lenovo legion vantage software 2020-04-10_15-55-43.mp4
  4. Thanks for checking it out also just learned the USB C port is also Thunderbolt. I mistakenly put the wrong model in my previous reply It's the Y740 15IRHg.
  5. It's going to be used for gaming and or streaming it's a Lenovo y540 with 9750h CPU and rtx 2060. I have one of the monitors currently didn't want to spend the money on 2 more if this wasn't possible. I know I can make the one monitor as primary and change the settings of the laptop to do nothing when closing the lid. I just wasn't sure if I can then extend the the one monitor to the other 2
  6. I'm hoping this is the correct place to ask this question I'm sorry if it isn't. I was wanting to have 3 Monitors plugged into my laptop but wasn't wanting to use the actual display of my laptop. So is it possible to have one the monitor as the primary then extend to the other 2?