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  1. Again, I really appreciate your answers. This "lottery" thing really makes it hard to make a decision. About the BLB, I saw on a Youtube video that gently pulling out the frame where the bleeding is occurring can decrease it. I did and the result was fantastic: Now the monitor has near perfect black uniformity, with almost no back light bleed. I was really happy with it until I noticed that one pixel that I've previously detected was a little bit off-balance on a white background was "stuck" green on a very specific condition: small black block on a white background. Further investigating the problem, I've detected that this pixel has a green sub pixel with strange behavior: It turns on proportionally to the average of brightness of the pixels in its column. When all the column is black, the subpixel is off, so it can't be seen on a black background. That's why I haven't been able to identify it before. I've uploaded this strange behavior: Truth is while this bothers me since it can be clearly seen on this synthetic test, it is almost impossible to spot it during normal use, because in darker scenes it will be dimmed and in brighter scenes, it will be difficult to notice because of the surrounding pixels. Now that the panel has no BLB and has homogeneous white, I am very skeptical that I will get a better screen if I RMA it. This lottery thing is really soul consuming, lol!
  2. SolarNova, I appreciate your reply. One thing that I noticed looking at my monitor again this night is that the last two pictures did not capture the BLB that I am seeing. I took another one that is a better representation: Do you still think this is a good one? Unfortunately, I can't buy the others you said because those aren't available where I live. I've also read reports of people saying that their bleed decreased after some time. Do you know if this is true?
  3. Hello guys, After receiving my XB271HU, I performed several tests on it in order to see how good I fared in the "lottery". I've detected no dead or stuck pixels. Color uniformity is also great, as can be seen in the following picture (100% White): However, some backlight bleeding was visible on a black screen on a dark room, but I've found it challenging taking a picture that really represents what I really see in this scenario. At first, I used my cellphone on auto mode and took a picture at normal viewing distance: (Here, BLB/Glow can be seen in almost all corners). I also took a picture from a greater distance to eliminate the effects of IPS Glow: (Here, the uniformity was sightly better, but this is not the distance I sit from the monitor) I've also took a picture using RTINGS guidelines (https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tests/picture-quality/black-uniformity), which is F4.0, ISO-200 with a 2s shutter speed: (This one captured, faintly, the BLBs on right/left bottoms and at the top center). Finally, I recorded two videos moving around the screen with two different brightness levels: 20% brightness: 100% brightness: What do you guys think? Is it a good or bad panel? Is the IPS Glow at the edges greater than it is supposed to be due to the presence of backlight bleed? I have five days to return it, do you guys think I should try another one? Sincerely, Hofer