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  1. So I was putting in my new motherboard, new CPU and a new AIO and after getting it all connected it didn't post. What I did notice was that the motherboard was flashing white light on the CPU and DRAM. So I was looking for any indications of any errors, Looked at the CPU and the motherboard to make sure they weren't damaged and as expected it wasn't. I looked if I messed up my RAM and there wasn't any problem. I'm out of ideas, HELP O_o Specs: Motherboard : Z370-A Pro CPU: I7 9700K RAM : Crosiar Vengeance 16 GB 3200Mhz GPU : GTX 1070 ti PSU : Thermaltake 500W
  2. Linus made a video about it back in December, has there been any updates regarding the product?
  3. So I been planning on upgrading my GTX 1070 into an RTX for a while now, it's' been 1-2 years since they came out. Is there anything big coming in the coming months I should wait on or is RTX series still worth it?
  4. I don't have an ASUS motherboard if that's what you're getting at. I'm currently rolling with a GA-Z170M-D3H
  5. I don't have any services that have anything to do with my wifi, I can send a picture of all the applications I have installed if that can help you further analyze the situation.
  6. My wifi works smoothly on my phone, yes.
  7. So I have this amazing wifi, no complains when it comes to lagging in-game but when I have to download a game It feels like my wifi takes a nosedive and doesn't really speed up AT ALL. I have tried everything I could, getting Ethernet cable, changing DNS servers. Usually when I download a file, it would download normally for a good 5 seconds before it decides it's time has come. Below I have attached a speedtest and me downloading a file. plz help