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  1. @Stahlmann98 After monitoring my network usage after closing out of R6 vulkan, my network usage was very low. My cpu usage remained high. I decided to launch the game with directx11 and the steam client bootstrapper usage went down to around .7%, this must mean it is a vulkan issue like you said.
  2. I have no idea if the network usage is high. I am currently not on the system, I will take a look tomorrow when I have sometime. Also, steam says I have no shader cache, does that have something to do with it? I have the uplay version of the game to (for my alt account). I play with vulkan on that too, but I get no issues like high cpu usage while on steam.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, thought that it had to do something with vulkan, but the high cpu usage continues for a very long time after I close out of the game. Once I played Siege one day, I closed out and all that (I let steam run). When I came back the next the cpu usage for steam was like 30% which is quite weird. Is there any solution to do stop the syncing?
  4. Whenever I launch Rainbow Six Siege Vulkan from Steam, the cpu usage of the steam client bootstrapper skyrockets from 1% usage to around 15-20% which does not happen with any other game on steam. I tried many fixes including uninstalling my games and steam but none have worked so far. After I close down R6, steam's cpu usage still stays around 15-20%. I am currently running on windows 10 pro with dual e5-2667v2 cpus which are more than enough for gaming with a 5700 xt. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. I also wanted to mention how garbage my frames are in Minecraft if that says anything.
  6. I tried with some other ram I had, it was hjynix 4gb 2rx4 1333 mhz with four of them and I only had a performance difference of 4 FPS. I am now starting to think that it is the motherboard that is the root of this performance loss.
  7. I enabled retpoline and I actually lost performance. I lost about 6 FPS on average in rainbow six siege. I am going to uninstall it and try messing with the ram.
  8. I have not activated retpoline in my system, I will give it a try thanks!
  9. I bought a new e5-2667v2 and swapped out the cpu in the first socket for it. Sadly, I got no performance difference. I really do not know what may be causing this performance issue, tomorrow I am going to use different ram to try and see if there is a difference. I doubt the is a problem in the second cpu because there is no reason for there to be one and it functions perfectly.
  10. I guess I was a bit vague on my post yesterday but I tried cinbench with hyperthreading on and once with it off. Remember, I have these two cpus watercooled (but not overclocked because the motherboard does not support it). So with hyperthreading turned off, I got a score of like 1952 and with it enabled I got a score of 2352 which is 100 points higher than linus's score with the same cpus. Maybe I am supposed to be getting a high score because of possible memory issues. Everyday I narrow the problem more down to one of the cpus having a bad memory channel, I might get another of the same cpu and try it.
  11. I got 2352 in cinebench r15 with hyperthreading enabled @Eigenvektor and @vukos
  12. I decided to set processor affinity (this was done with hyperthreading turned off, the cinebench score would have been high with hyperthreading). For all the test I got the same performance/fps. I tried with the first cpu enabled, another with the second enabled and one with all of them enabled. I got no FPS difference.
  13. @vukos @Eigenvektor @Zando Bob @Sir0Tek I have installed windows 10 pro and there is no performance difference in games what so ever. Task manager detects 16 cores now instead of 8 which is good. One cinebench r15, I got a score of 1972 (which I think is worse than Linus's) this may be due to the memory configuration. I am going to mess around with the memory configuration and gpu drivers/settings and see if anything happens.
  14. I haven't encountered much problems with radeon vii. For me it has been a good gpu. Yeah, task manager said there were 8 cores instead of 16. I thought it was just some stupid windows thing that the second socket cores were not shown. This weekend I am going to install windows 10 pro and see if it fixes the issue.