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  1. Undecided, Try the official software for you're CPU, Ryzen Master as i already posted above for me there was a 10 Degrees diffrence between HwMonitor/Hwinfo64 and Ryzen Master. Hwmonitor and Hwinfo64 kept saying my CPU was around 35-45 Degrees on watercooling wich i tought was hot however after installing the Ryzen Master software (wich is for you're CPU) HwMonitor and Hwinfo64 still where saying 35-45 Degrees however Ryzen Master says 25-35 Degrees. I belive Ryzen Master is correct because since after i installed that my Cooling system stopped from going Rogue. Also what i noticed with my Ryzen 3800X is that when i was installing games + googleing and doing some youtube my CPU temp raised about 5-7 degrees (since the CPU is busy) keep in mind that if you're installing game's or doing anything else you're temps could indeed go up with a bigg amount, after i installed al drivers and all game's etc where done my Ryzen 7 3800x is Idle on 25-35 Degrees liquid cooled so youre's with air cooling cud indeed be around 35-50 degrees while beeing idle that, is normal in ryzen master you can see that since it also give's you an percentage on the temprature. I can give you one more hint to show you the temprature's arent weird, search for any benchmark vid on YT and you will see that if they are on AIR COOLING some CPU's go up to 76-85 Degrees while gaming some even get hotter. EDIT: Cryorig H7, You could also try this indeed it could go down a little bit in degrees however, probably you're best option is to go water cooling, i was on a limit aswell and for little bit less then 100$ i got myself a Coolmaster ML240R wich is doing pretty good, my max temp is 60-62 Degrees while playing a heavy game.
  2. Thanks for you're responce id get that part but on my old build when it was IDLE i didnt see it go over 10-12% (could have been a faulty driver in windows since it was one of the first W10 Versions) Thats whats making me think if there is something wrong :P. Next week ill order another set of Corssair Vengeance 3000 Mhz 16GB DDR4 so i have 32GB. Mark Kaine, i dont get it what you mean with "pretty normal especially seeing how many things you have open." since it is a fresh install and all at that point what ive installed + had open was Discord, Chrome, Steam, Razor Synapse and Nvide all the rest you can see is from Windows since it is a fresh install but for example if you look at the screen shots you can see Google chrome (6) and below that there are 3-4 another Google Chromes the weirdest thing is that i only have 1 tab open with google.com so why are there multiple chrome's? Thats the point what i dont get for example on my old system (here it comes) Fx8370 + 16gb 1600mhz i had the same programs open (Discord, Chrome, Steam, Razor Synapse and Nvide) and it was around 10-12%. I expected if i would uprade it would atleast use the same or a little bit les, or am i trying to compare apples with banana's?:P Also can you explain me what you mean with the big mistake on the OS boot SSD only? Ive been using this on my old system aswell, i had a 60GB kingston just for windows and a 1TB HDD and ive never experienced issue's (atleast i think) Can you give me an example of wich issues you mean? And can you explain an other/better way to do it then? Greetz UsernameAndPassword
  3. So, ive builded a system last week with the Ryzen 7 3800x aswell, the only diffrence i have is Watercooling, However i want to inform u that HWinfo is a + 10 degrees instead of using the Ryzen Master (CPU software) itself so for example my system is between 35-45 degrees Idle on watercooling in HwInfo but when i open Ryzen master it says my Cpu is only 25-35 Degrees. Also what i have experienced my self is that the CPU is an well lets say Hotter CPU then an intell, so it is completly normal they can go up to 100 Degrees celcius so you should be fine. If you really want to go a bit cooler like me then go for a good watercooling system cud be a costum either an Ready to go system. Also keep in mind that if you're case is still open the air flow isnt optimal for the case so it could be a little cooler when it is closed
  4. Hello Guys, To start off i want to let you guys know that his is a fresh build, the Motherboard, Processor, Ram sticks, and SSD's are 6 days old also it is a fresh windows install. XMP - Enabled AMD Ryzen 7 3800X WRAITH 3900 AM4 BOXGigabyte X570 UDCorssair Vengeance 3000 Mhz 16GB DDR4 Kingston 240GB - Just for windows Kingston 960GB - Any other stuff At this moment i think iam experiecing some issues with my ram, its using a heavy load around 25 to 45% while doing nothing, I must say that as soon as i get gaming i havent seen it go over 55% aswell. Ive made some screenshots, keep in my mind my OS is installed in Dutch language so some "tasks" my have a diffrent name then in the English Version, Also on the right side of the first screenshot its the second page of my taskmanager to give you guys a little bit more vieuw into what is running. Performance Tab Source Check All i did after i builded my system: Installed Windows 10 - Fresh Installed mobo driver's + chipset drivers Downloaded+Installed new Bios (Version F1 to Version F10 Since there where some compatibility updates Sata/Ryzen/RAID/Gaming) Enable XMP - Bios pre setup profile 1 Checked if XMP is really enabled (wich it is) Started to install my Gaming apps+ Game's and the rest wich is needed. I have no problems while opening apps/games or booting in to windows. What i mean is it is not taking longer then it should to open heavy games or boot into windows. Iam not sure if this really is an issue or even if it is an issue, iam quiet new to building system's to i just wanted to double check. Also iam quiet sure this have's nothing to do with it but my temprature's are normal - Cpu idle 35-40 degrees and while gaming 50-60 degrees, motherboard and Ssd's between 27/30 degrees. I hope ive given all the information you guys needed to see if there might be a problem. Greetings UsernameAndPassword
  5. Topic can be deleted placed it in the wrong section im sorry guys beginners mistake
  6. Hello guys, My name is UsernameAndPassword and im quiet new to this place howeever iam watching LTT for a while now What that said lets start off with my qeustions! So after a while of saving up my money i decided i want to get my hands on a I7 9700k with an Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra and 32Gb Corsair DDR4- 3200 Kit. After doing some research i found something diffrent on this motherboard wich i havent seen before (I havent builded a system for age's) it has a 8+4 pin CPU connector So i started searching on the web and ive went trough some topics mentioning the +4 is only if you want to run an I9-9900k and going to overclock it however for me it doesnt make since because why would it be there? On the other end some of the topics where just to hard for me becaus of my language diffrence so thats how i "finally after quiet a while" ended op on the LTT forums. My qeustion is what is true? Is it just for overclocking and can i run it with an 8 pins power supply only? Or do i need an 8+4 pins power supply? And if so wich brench/type would you guys recommend? Now after this beeing out of the way, i told you guys ive been saving up some time to get my hands on this new Mobo CPU and Ram sticks for now in my country that will cost me quiet a bit so i have to start saving up again for a new RTX 2080 (since i dont like refurbished stuff) on the otherside i can live with that since my CPU Mobo and Ram sticks are outdated. However iam really wondering what my setup would do with the following specs: I7-9700k (429 Euros or 472,12 USD) Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra (250 Euros or 275,13 USD) 32GB Corsair DDR4 - 3200 (144.95 Euros or 159,52 USD) 240GB SSD Kingston (Just for windows boot) 960GB SSD Kingston 2X 600W Coolmaster B600 (Gotta replace that eventually) MSI Gtx 1060 6GB (Gotta replace that ASAP)(RTX 2080 Price 754 Euros or 829,79 USD) I know that the GPU is not capable to run any games up to 4K so i think that is ok, for now ill just stick to 1080P until i have my RTX 2080 However that makes me wonder how will the Gtx 1060 do? Will i be able to reach playable framerates? (Around 60-70 wich would be absolute fine for now since im running 27 FPS in Planet Zoo lol) or will it hold me down? And how are the Radeons doing today? or should i stick with the RTX in mind? I hope i have made the post in the right section since not everything in here is about the motherboard if i did make a post in the wrong section then please for give me! Also my english is not to great so keep that in mind EDIT: I havent bought any of those above setup yet! So if there are any upgrade's around the same price class then i would be glad to hear ive also putted the prices behind the items im going to buy (Euro and USD). Greetz UsernameAndPassword