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  1. Original build: i7-3770, 8GB DDR3, GTX 760 I recently switched from this to a laptop hooked up to the monitor and peripherals, Currently: MSI GS63VR, i7-6700HQ, 16GB DDR4 GTX 1060 Looking to possibly add a second 1080p monitor, but then thought an ultrawide might be better, preferably 1440p if budget allows. but I'm thinking my best bet is probably a fresh build if I'm gonna go this route. I would appreciate any and all recommendations and help, thank you! Ryzen 5 3600 (Normal or X?) 16GB DDR4 RTX 2060 maybe? Looking to keep the build under/around a grand (1K US) Thank you! Games: CSGO, Civ 6, CoD (Mostly BO3 custom zombies) These titles are 90% of the gaming
  2. Hi, I just ordered this set of key caps for my Corsair K70. Does anyone know of a company that makes custom key caps with this black top shine-through design, I am looking for a couple custom keys to fill in the blanks from this keycap set.