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  1. the newest version driver
  2. just the reference AMD RX 5700 Xt that AMD sells
  3. I've had my RX5700 XT for quite a while and initially all was going well until i noticed that crashing started occurring randomly where i would be playing games and suddenly my PC would black screen and i would be forced to restart. I have monitored my temperatures and believe that that is not the issue, i am aware that AMD have some issues with drivers and what not but i have the option to return my graphics card for a replacement from AMD. I was wondering if that was worth it as my GPU seems completely okay most of the time or should i just wait for driver issues to be resolved.
  4. Recently i built a pc in the corsair carbide spec delta rgb case i used the aorus B450 elite with this mobo there is a 12v 5 pin rgb connecter, however the connector for the cases rbg fans requires a 4 pin 12v header. looking around i attempted to find an adaptor but failed. If anyone could help that would be much appreciated. below are the rgb connection of the fans and on the right is the 12v header on the mobo
  5. okay thank you i think what im getting will work
  6. the problem is that the corsair fans are 4 pin and the rgb on my motherboard is 5 pin so i don't know what to do
  7. i bought a case and they came with corsair rgb fans that need 12 volts to function. however the fans have a 4 pin connector and my motherboard only has a 5 pin 12 volt rgb header and all the adaptors i have looked at don't work as the connection on the RGB header of the fans is quite narrow and hasn't fitted with any adaptors i have tried. i was considering getting more corsair rgb fans which come with a controller that has standard 4 pin fan connections. the fans i have in my case also come with a male (to reduce the amount of cables needed to be plugged in) i figured i could buy a female to female fan cable, plug each male rgb header into the female fan cable with the other end going into the controller. would this not work? sorry if it is a bit convoluted i tried my best to explain.
  8. I live in England and need a 4 pin fan cable female to female as the extension i currently have doesn't fit correctly into my motherboard pins I cant find any online. Does anyone have any links or anything? would be much appreciated thanks.