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Everything posted by Atrayu178

  1. I mean, he got it 3 years ago. My bad dude, I smoked some weed so excuse my idiotic social skills. Appreciate the input though.
  2. Oh, it was just the fact the dude i got it from paid 2500k. But all in all? not bad?
  3. 350, the seasonic psu was like 160.
  4. Lmao, I know the ram was overkill but hey, cant complain. was thinking of upgrading to an i9 and a new case and motherboard in a few months. got the 2080 for 350 on sale lol.
  5. I have a nvme 256gb ssd. and no, got it off facebook marketplace for 400
  6. I got a Dell XPS 8900 that had a 6700k, 64gb DDR4, and a 256gb ssd, and 2tb hdd. I upgraded the GPU from the 960 it came with and got a new PSU. Now I have a 2080 in it. Spent a total of $967. What do you guys think?