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  1. I've got the response from Nick... I didn't know that a "Small Packet International Air" delivery method is non tracked one. Especially when it costs 32$USD Canada post shipping rates are high i guess... Well, I may see my water-bottle in half a year, or may not, Russian postal service loooves to lose non-tracked packages
  2. Firstly, I was send an 18 digit number. Second, I sent an email's a week ago.
  3. On November 12 I received a tracking code for canada post mail service, but tracking says "We didn’t find an item associated with this number. Find out why. You can also edit this number." I've already written 2 email's to linustechtipsstore@gmail.com, didn't heard back from them as well. The question is: is this normal? If not, who should I contact and where since they don’t answer me by email.