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  1. Thanks! Appreciate the advice. Already sent them a ticket while waiting for any leads.
  2. Mobo doesn't have any 3-pin fan header, MOBO has settings that can change 4-pin pwm to DC but it doesn't help. What's weirder is top and bottom fans are the same model.
  3. Hi all, Has anyone encountered the same scenario as mine? 140mm case fan starts spinning upon boot then stops after a few seconds. - QFAN control set at 100% - All fan headers are PWM, rated at 12v max 1A each. Both fans (up and down) are connected via splitter, previously worked as intended (full speed) but I noticed this behavior only after a few days. Already tried the following: X swapped the splitter locations X connected the fan alone via splitter X connected the fan directly to the mobo fan header X connected the fan to another fan header X set fan speed to 100% via Argus Monitor ? Tried optimizing all fans via the BIOS control, once the bios reaches this particular fan, it starts spinning for the "test" but then stops again after the optimization ? Once got stuck on a startup error, the fan spun continuously until I reached the loading screen Noctua NF-A14 Chromaxx fan, ASUS TUF X570 Wifi Mobo, 700W PSU, all other fans are spinning as intended. Only this particular fan behaves like this. Case Fan.mp4