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  1. Researching more has brought up or re brought up rank for ram, im seeing plenty of people saying 4 sticks perform better than two. Then reading the opposite lol. Then led myself to the buildzoid memory layout video so then im trying to see if my board is daisy chain or t top which lead me to forums and each company seems to have slews of issues whether bios related or other wise. Lots of information or misinformation and solid answers seem hard-ish to find when wading through it all. And then i defer to here lol
  2. My only question here is, if i were to enable XMP, that's technically applying a minor OC to my CPU as well, correct? How would that then fare if i were to try to oc my cpu, or if i already had my CPU overclocked. Would that destabilize everything? Or would i dampen my original CPU overclock to offset. I would imagine there is different procedures pre and post CPU overclock
  3. Any potential issues with realtek lan vs intel lan? That and bios i believe are my only issues, MSI board seems as though it may run a bit cooler and both have flashback and cmos buttons, rog at a much higher cost but still. Currently have an older x99 gaming 5 from Gigabyte that just wont enter bios. While its certainly older i feel a little bias against Gigabyte now. Was also researching a taichi but talked myself out of it.
  4. Most definitely! Luckily able to find a good set of em in the wild. Thank you everyone whos read and replied to this point. Always learning
  5. Planning on getting the below, going to go with the 2x8 set of RAM. But, was wondering general thought on Unify vs Crosshair VIII hero. If anyone has had issues with either, both seem capable and Asus might have a better bios. Rog board also seems to have its onboard fan right in the way of the GPU so it may be covered up which seems counter intuitive. Just looking for thoughts or experiences on either
  6. Yea it definitely seems finicky to find the primo stuff. And i definitely need to up my skills points a bit because i really can't even remember what the numbers for the timing mean lol just know lower is better.
  7. And two is cheaper lol atleast between these two. Very likely will just stick to the XMP for a good amount of time until my knowledge base gets more up there. Only been in the game a few months.
  8. Timing of your post lol, and yea seems almost like EVGA gets first dibs after Nvidia keeps what they want of the lot. Would love to get a FE and put a block on it but that's quite aways and more than a few dollars out. Also forgot to mention that I will have a Scythe Fuma 2 as a CPU cooler. If it doesn't cut it I will be getting an AIO
  9. the set of 2 have better timings anyways, and as stated above I plan on tinkering/OC with some things once I get it. Nothing too crazy but still
  10. And in regards to timings, from what I've learned lower is better, the set of 2x8 has slightly better timings but I'd rather not spend 300+ for two sets of them. But, are the settings for the 4x8 really not that far off? I will end up researching and learning more on tuning them manually and such once i get it all and OC everything And I'm also wondering and making sure they are both B die and fully adequate
  11. Was asking for opinions on one option for the ram vs the other based on: B die, Ram Rank (which I've just learned about and can't distinguish), and the fact and question is 4 full Ram slots will perform better than just the one set of 2. And to @Strandox will be a gaming pc. Going for as future proof as I can get for the money and don't really want to step down to any 8 core
  12. Graphics card also subject to change. There are 580 million sku's out there and hopefully something is announced or drops by then. But, I can say I'm leaning towards EVGA when the time comes. Potential question as to Air Cooled GPU vs a hybrid. Anyone with any comparisons or or bias towards one vs the other
  13. Attached is my build list I'm thinking of getting with some tax money once it arrives. Been doing weeks of homework on each component to get the most decent I can for the price range and compatibility. Recently it has been the RAM portion of things. 3600mhz seems to be the way to go, as well as Trident or a variant of. But, my confusion comes with any mention of rank in regards to ram and also not sure which of the two options below I should get. Reading and seeing that 4 slots full is better than two and just want to confirm best as I can before the time comes. I may very well change some other parts out between now and actual purchase time but to me atleast this seems as though a solid base to start. I will also mention that i already have a Corsair Ax1200i that I will bring over from my current build to this new one. Do things look optimal below? Another point of contention to me is the Unify vs getting maybe a Crosshair VIII. MSI seems fine just would love any opinions or experiences on either side of the coin. Thanks to anyone reading and contributing.