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  1. I may have found a solution to my problem. After doing some research around Radeon Adrenaline, I saw that Minecraft was getting crazy fps, like in the thousands. I’ll show you a picture of what I saw. That got me to think “could it be that I’m running too many frames that my pc can’t handle it?” As mentioned, Fortnite, Call of duty, TF2, Hotline Miami, and many other titles that i play on a day to day bases don’t crash my pc. All these games have one thing in common: I capped their fps at 180. I did this so that the games are stable and to avoid fps drops (except for Hotline Miami thats locked at 60fps.) I’m going to be testing my experience playing OSU! and Minecraft on a capped fps and report back on how it goes.
  2. Update. While I know this isn’t a definitive answer, it is somewhat of a useful piece of insight to the situation. I ran a stress test on my CPU using Prime95. After 2 hours nothing has happened. My CPU never reached temps above 83 degrees and my PC never crashed. So now that I’ve ran stress test on both my GPU and CPU with no crashes and I’ve ran a Ram stress with no crashes. I can only assume what my pc has is a driver problem. I have updated all my drivers so it can’t be an issue of outdated drivers. I’ll assume its between my Video Drivers (since radeon cards are known to be more buggy) and/or windows 10 (since I’ve had Direct x issues before). There is the possibility it could be my BIOS thats causing the crashes, however previous BIOS updates have had far more frequent crashes than now.
  3. Yes I ran MEMTEST86 and also for stress test I ran MSI Kombustor. For the Komboster I ran Benchmark preset 1080, 1440. and 2160. Then for an extended Period of time I ran MSI-01 on 1080 resolution, 8x tessellation. As for CPU I haven't ran a stress test on it but I doubt it would cause any issues.
  4. Never heard about Daisy chain until now. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try it on this PSU because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. However im not sure if it’ll make a difference considering I didn’t do Daisy chain on my EVGA PSU. I used 2 separate cables because the Radeon 5700 xt required 2 8 pin connectors, and the 750BQ provides only 1 8 pin connector on the PSU already connected, the other had to be attached by the modular cables they provided. Also about DDU, I have used it every time there had been a Radeon update since December 2019. While sometimes it fixed the problem, the crashing usually comes back. I think the last time I used it was shortly after I removed windows 10 last month.
  5. Thanks for the advice but no I I’m not connected to a battery back up. You do bring up a good point about unplugging peripherals and seeing what an issue but I have already tried using only one monitor at a time and I have switched keyboards/mouses several times. Therefore im certain its something inside my pc thats causing the issue.
  6. So for the past year My pc has given me a headache. It always seems to crash whenever it wants to. At first it stuttered like crazy, but then I replaced the Motherboard and and ram sticks and now it runs just fine. After months of dealing with crashes upon crashes here is where I'm at: Currently my PC is stable for the most part when I'm doing basic task such as writing up a document, browsing forums, or just watching something. However, my PC will crash mostly when I am playing certain games. When I play Fortnite or Call of Duty, my pc runs just fine. Not a single crash during hours long sessions. I can even play DOOM (2016) on ultra with no crashes at all. However, when I play games such as Minecraft or OSU! or even streaming anime on discord to watch with friends, my computer will crash completely. Here is what the crashing experience is like: -No BSOD -My top monitor goes to complete green and my bottom monitor goes completely black -The pc is still on, all the rgb lights are on and the fans continue to spin including the PSU fans -The reboot is immediate, goes through BIOS like normal, and after passing the WIndows 10 login screen my computer picks up where I last left off and opens all my applications back up -The most common log found in Event Viewer after crashing is Critical, Source: Kernel-Power 41 task 63 As of 8/15/2020, here are a list of things I have attempted in order to resolve the crashes: -Replaced the PSU -Undervolted my GPU and CPU -Reinstalled Windows, my fifth time reinstalling happened this past month -Updated all my drivers from Video drivers to chipset drivers to bluetooth drivers -Removed the video drivers and reinstalled them multiple times -Updated the Motherboard BIOS -Tried running everything on factory settings -Disabled all antimalware programs -I have ran SFC and DISM, no errors found -Ran MEMTEST, not issues found -Have run stress test, no issues found -Not a troubleshoot, but temps on GPU and CPU are normal -Changed Power Plans (I've used Balanced, High performance, Ultimate performance, AMD High performance) All of the things I have mentioned have not helped stop the crashing. They happen at such RANDOM moments. I can play OSU! for 8 hours straight no issue whatsoever, not even a stutter, with like 8 different applications open, and nothing will happen. Then 2 days later, I'll be playing OSU! and it'll crash after a 15 minute session. During Minecraft sessions it'll crash whenever I stay too long in my house or when I'm in a cave. It used to crash when I played Call of Duty but after a while it just stopped. Anyways if you're curious to what else I have done or want my to try something feel freed to ask/share Here are my spec: -Ryzen 7 3700x with Wraith Prism -ASUS TUF X570 MotherBoard (WI-FI) -Corsair Vengeance RGB 16gb 3000mhz -Radeon 5700 xt Red Devil Edition (OC BIOS flashed) -EVGA 750 BQ Bronze plus but I'm currently using a GameMax VP RGB 600w until EVGA delivers my PSU back -NZXT h510 (yes I am using both stock fans) -Western Digital Blue 1tb HDD -Samsung EVO 860 1tb SSD -PC rgb strips Here are the peripherals I have connected in the very slim chance a peripheral could be causing the issue: -Razer Huntsman tkl -Razer Basilisk v2 -Playstation 4 Dualshock controller -Razer Kraken My monitors: ASUS VH232 SCEPTRE E225B Please, any advice or help will be appreciated, I'm about to own this rig for 1 year and I have spent more time troubleshooting/crashing than I have actually played anything.
  7. I'm having an issue playing games like the new Modern Warfare and Need for Speed Payback. Basically, anytime i play these games for around 5-15 minutes, two things will happen. The first is that my game will crash and then there will be an error box that says something related to a direct x error. The second thing that will happen (which happens occasionally) is that my computer will freeze up and then proceed to crash and reboot. I have tried to fix this issue by running these games on direct x 11 instead of direct x 12, but the results are the same. I have erased my Radeon drivers several times and reinstalled them, yet my games still keep crashing. I am out of ideas, what should I do to fix this issue? current build in case it helps find a solution: -3700x -Asus tuf x570 wifi plus -corsair vengence rgb 16 gb -5700xt red devil powercolor -EVGA 750 watt bronze PSU -Western Digital blue 1tb -samsung 860 evo 1tb Also don't tell me to update drivers, I have the latest drivers for everything.
  8. I found a solution. Once i again. I decided to wipe my drive clean, this time without upgrading my drivers. Instead i only updated my video drivers a every thing was normal, no mouse skips, no random fps drops or hitches, nothing. As to why this could be, I believe it has something to do with the drivers packaged with driver booster. If you are planning to update your drivers, dont download the “gaming” drivers that come with driver booster pro.
  9. Yes the ram sticks are in the right slot. While the ASUS motherboard I have doesn't have XMP, it has a similar feature called DOCP, but it pretty much delivers that exact same results. The stutters still happen and the mouse skipping still persists.
  10. Hello, I had previously made a post describing my issue with my current build, in which i has non-stop stuttering. Since then I had switched motherboards and ram sticks and it greatly improved the quality of my PC. However, one issue has still remained even after my upgrades, in which my mouse will skip and stutter all over the screen before it comes back to normal. Furthermore, I now have stutters that last a full second, every 5 or 10 minutes. These stutters occur in every game I play and even when doing something as simple as watching youtube videos. These stutters have persisted for months and mess up my gameplay sometimes. Currently, this is my build: -3700x 3.6 GHz -Asus tuf x570 motherboard (wifi); It is running the latest BIOS -Corsair Vengence rgb pro (2x8) 3000 Mhz; Running on the latest iCue firmware -5700xt powercolor Red Devil edition; Running on the latest Radeon drivers and is currently not on any overclock - EVGA 750 BQ Bronze plus PSU -NXZT H510 -Samsung EVO 860 1Tb (windows 10 is installed here); has been optimized this week -WD blue 1 Tb; has been defragged Some things I have done in order to combat these stutters and mouse skipping: - Reinstalled Windows 10 (8 times); Currently running on the latest version of Windows; have not reinstalled in the past 2 months -Used old and new Radeon drivers (currently on the latest drivers) -Underclocked and overclocked gpu -Underclocked and overclocked cpu -Disconnected and reconnected all the cables; I have done this three times and not a single component is missing or not connected -Updated drivers (Network drivers, mouse drivers, display drivers, audio drivers, etc.) -Turned on windows ultimate performance -Erased all GPU drivers (I do this weekly at this point) -Removed audio drivers and reinstalled them -Disabled every program from starting at launch -Chrome is not using hardware acceleration and Discord as well -Restart and turn off my PC(I never leave it on overnight unless its for an update) -I've done frequent SSD optimizations and I have defragged my HDD -I've ran numerous malware and virus programs, I have always came out with no virus or malware -I do not believe temps are an issue because even under heavy load, such as playing Doom 2016 in max settings or Warzone on highest settings, my gpu only reaches a temperature of 73-80 degrees -Gpu idles at 58 degrees -Cpu is always below 60 degrees -Cpu idle is 64 degrees After doing all of this, my only conclusions is that either my Gpu or Psu is faulty. I say this because other people of stated that a faulty PSU caused stuttering, although my PSU doesn't heat up and I have no way of testing to see that is delivers the power my PC needs. For my GPU, I have heard so many painful stories from Radeon users, I would not be surprised if I was one of them. However I don't have expertise in computers so I won't jump to conclusions. If anyone has any advice on how to get rid of stutters I'd appreciate it. I don't care if its something I've heard before, like switching to Nvidia, I just want some direction on how to fix the stuttering. I have lost so many matches because I'll stutter in the most inconvenient of times, and the stuttering is also annoying to deal with when I'm just watching HULU or Youtube. Thanks to anyone who takes their time to help. Edit: I forgot to mention that I am using the stock AMD wraith prism cooler. Furthermore the mouse that I use is a Razer Basilisk V2, but I have had the mouse skipping problem even on my Steelseries rival 600 and Razer Naga Trinity. I use an ethernet cable but I have the wireless adapter plugged so I can use the bluetooth (to print or for wireless headsets). I also use display port for my 165hz monitor, but the stuttering occur even on my 60hz monitor. I have freesync disabled. Furthermore, My PC is right next to me, It is not on the rug and it rest on a desks. I have cleaned out the dust off my PC every 3 weeks but the stuttering occurs even after cleaning. Both my SSD and HDD have 200 GB of memory open so it can't be more memory is needed. I have had Razer synapse turned off and I still get the same stutters, meaning it can't be a mouse and keyboard driver problem I use the stock fans from my NXZT case, they are in the exhaust position to push air out of the case rather than to bring air into the case. I'm mentioning this just to give information about my PC, but as I've stated the PC does not have thermal problems.
  11. Just did a fresh install of windows 10 after upgrading motherboard and ram, pc runs fine now
  12. Update: -replaces the MPG x570 with a TUF x570 -replaced XPG Spectrix with Corsair Vengence (same memory and speed) The stutters, blue screen of death, infinite start up/shut down/restart exist, only a little less severe
  13. That’s really Interesting, I knew it could have been a motherboard issue but I didn’t expect that it could be this bad. Thanks for letting me know.