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  1. So I'm using a phanteks p350x case. Can only have a front mounted radiator so I'm using an aio and I also want the rgb fans to be seen so I'm using it in a "push" config. The fans will push air through the rad out the front of the case( Fan...Rad...Case). My question is should the rear be an exhaust and the top 2 fans be intake? Or is there a better way ?
  2. That's how I want it but apparently a top mounted rad is not really a thing in this case. So it most likely has to be a front mounted rad. And well the fans are rgb so I want them visible over just seeing the rad...so they would be pushing air through the rad correct?
  3. So I have a phanteks p350x. I will be using a cooler master front mounted rad. I have 3 fans. So my question is should the top fans be intake while the rear fan and the 2 rad fans are exhaust? I have been overthinking this way to much. Advice from.somebody with experience would greatly be appreciated.