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  1. I didn't update chip from their page, but I tried update through AMD ryzen its called "autoupdate.exe" or something like that, should I update manually through their page?
  2. I manually tried bump voltage to 1.3v , should I try 1,4v ?
  3. I updated BIOS drivers, I tried boost my rams from 2133mhz to 3200mhz, but when I locked XMP profile to 3200mhz my windows crashed and it says that there was an error, well max boost which I could to do at that moment was 2933mhz. Any ideas ?
  4. I have ryzen 1600 . Yes my rams Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb Red 3200mhz, but when I bought pc, it was like 2017 summer, and I tried to use full performance my rams, and it didn't work. As I know AB350m gigabyte gaming 3 should support 3200mhz rams, maybe they released new updates for that...
  5. Maybe could you tell me something about voltage ? How much I should use voltage or something for unlocking those 3200mhz
  6. Hello brothers and sisters, I have question for you...Well I didn't update BIOS AB350m gigabyte gaming 3 drivers long time ago... Last time I had a problem that I had Corsair Vengeance RED 2x8gb 3200mhz rams and I couldn't run them full power at max 3200mhz. It is still the same or they now support 3200mhz ? or still nothing ? Cause I want to use my rams at full power, because they use now 2133 mhz performance.