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  1. Actually sounds like a great idea lmao
  2. Hey guys I recently built my first PC or shall I say pcs Parts list Evga supernova g3 850 Gaming pc- Ryzen 3800x Msi gaming edge wifi x570 Msi gaming z 2070 oc 32gb nighthawk rgb Team group delta r 500g ssd Team group 500g nvme m.2 ssd Cougar vortex 120mm sb fan kit Cougar helor 240m aio Cougar mx330 case Streaming pc- Msi b450 tomahawk Nvidia gtx 1060 16gb pny anarchy ram Ryzen 3 3200g AMD wraith prisim. Parts list ordered for stream pc 16gb team group excalibur totem special edition Team group delta max 500g ssd Team group 512 m.2 ssd Will post updated pics when parts come in for streaming PC thanks guys
  3. I see I was looking at the LGA1151 and figured it was the same chip (still new to building cpus) So wrong processor for the chipset. I'll take it back and return it thanks man for the info, I was just trying to do a quick fix.
  4. I swapped ram, cpu, gpu over Symptoms still happens with 1 ram stick (doesnt matter which one.) No gpu This is breadboarded sitting on the box not in a case. If I I unplugg CPU power it stays on, if it have it plugged in it turns on for maybe .5 seconds turns off.
  5. So, I am replacing my intel board with a msi true gaming z390 board Back story I have an hp omen with a i5 7400 and it turned of randomly on me and would do only spin the fans and boot for a second and turn off. I thought it was the power supply and it wasnt as when I went to swap my evga 850w brand new psi to it it melted a vrm chip exhibit A in the picture So I was getting a turn on instant turn off symptom Well after it fried I went and bought a z390 board from msi to swap all my parts to. Has the same exact symptom Ran basics, 1 ram stick, no gpu and just cpu attached. Same thing but if I remove the CPU, motherboard stays on like it should What are the chances that my board is DOA or am I looking at a cpu failure
  6. But I have been running at these setting for 2 months? The only thing I havent tried is flashing bios. I dont see why I wouldnt be able to run those setting because from research, 3600mhz ram is the best spec and the OC is the "auto" mode through the ryzen software. Pins arent bent already checked that. It was working perfectly fine and now nothing. Its
  7. Ok, guys ran into a wierd issue went to boot up my new pc build (has been working fine for 2 months) Nothing happend no fan spin nothing. Checked psu with paper clip and its spins up Cleared cmos Mind you zero power is happening Removed gpu nothing Removed each stick of ram and tried booting after each one nothing This point I think my motherboard is bad I tried doing manual power by jumping pwer switch prongs Then I said screw it, I removed the cpu and boom, motherboard boots up and ofcourse gives me CPU fail/error obviously Put cpu back in and nothing. Does this mean I have a failed cpu? Build specs Msi x570 gaming wifi Ryzen 7 3800x Msi gaming z 2070 oc 32g 3600mhz team force nighthawk ram Team group 256 nvme ssd Team group 500 ssd Cougar helor 240m aio Thanks is advanced tired to cover bases Build has worked for 2 months OC to 4.2ghz from AMD pre OC settings in the ryzen software