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  1. Hope you're right, the noise this fan makes is starting to become annoying
  2. Hello there, I have a question regarding case fans certain compatibility with various adapters. You see, I have four 3-pin case fans connected to the motherboards 4-pin ones. They all work without any problems and I hope it stays like that. But unlucky me one fan turned out to be particularly louder than others. Looking at the BIOS, it turns out it is working full speed. I realized I had put it on the place where the Water pump was supposed to go. Looking later at the motherboard, I realized I couldn't put it anywhere else. After researching solution for my problem I found various adapters for case fans, but mostly 4-pin ones who would connect two fans into one. So my question is this: Can you use 4-pin adapters / splitters to connect (two) 3-pin fans into one? Also I saw variations which use MOLEX cable, but I'll use it as a last resort...
  3. Hello there! I'm looking for a software which can read all licenses and keys like for example Windows 10 key. I'm planning to transfer Windows license onto my new computer since it's Retail version of Windows 10. I have already tried using cmd, but commands don't seem to show any result. I would appreciate if you could recommend me atleast one software you're sure that works properly and it's trustworthy. And in advance, thanks!
  4. This is my first time buying PC parts and building a PC without using anyone's help. I'm already reached my budget limits so this is rough choice for me. I was thinking of buying CoolerMaster ML240L RGB (Not that interested in RGB) AIO cooler which is currently cheaper than I expected. I know there are much better options but I'm short on cash. I have already considered the chances of leaking and therefore permanently damaging the whole setup. I saw numerous builds having AIO coolers on top, but what difference would it make if it was mounted on side panel? I also have considered the NZXT H510 case which supports 240/280MM radiators on side panel. If AIO cooler is a bad idea in this case, I have a Noctua U14S as backup plan, just it will cost me 10-15€ more...