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    Python IDE

    Pycharm is so good. You should try it.
  2. I'm looking at almost the same asus but zenbook 14 with 10th gen i5. I'm afraid because i saw some comments that it has some problems with coil whine.
  3. Hello guys, I want to buy myself a laptop. What I'm looking for is small, thin, powerfull laptop. 13-14" i5/i7 16GB ram thin and solid Mostly used for coding and every day use in travel. I'm thinking about Asus Zenbook 14 ux434 or hp envy 13. I've had HP Pavilion dv7-6140ew in the past and it was terrible. Loads of problems. Is HP nowadays any better? I'd like to have quite, thin, powerfull laptop.
  4. Ok, Corsair responded today So, that's probably a faulty PSU. I also got information that buzzing sound during heavy gaming is probably related to the PSU problem.
  5. Ye, but I bought this Sennheiser GSX Pro 1200 it was awesome but i could hear that squite "line noise". What I want is that my headphones stays completely quiet when I'm working.
  6. I have no internal sound card, I'd have to buy one. I was thinking about Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless.
  7. I Have another PSU - 550W, can try it tomorrow if it's working or not. Don't know if it can handle my rig.
  8. Hey, So I found that under heavy GPU load i can hear buzzing sound in my right headphone. It's not constant. What I've tried so far: 1. Disconnecting everything from the PC except for the headphones - same result. 2. Rear panel or front panel - no difference. 3. I've tried different wall outlets and taking my PSU out of the case. Even took my PC to a friend of mine to test it. It's the same. 4. 3 pair of headphones - the same. It's totally GPU related, when i start any CPU stress test like OCCT or Prime95 there is no problem but 2 seconds in any GPU stress test like Valley or Heaven it's buzzing again. I bought that mini jack ground isolator. It's not buzzing with this but the sound is much worse. I bought DAC (sennheiser gsx 1200 pro). The buzzing while playing is gone, but this converter is buzzing on it's own all the time so I'm gonna return it back. I'm mad because I've spent a lot of money in this pc and there is still something wrong. What might be the best solution? Internal sound card? Wireless headset? USB headset? My Mobo has this "DAC-UP" USBs maybe USB headset connected to USB? My rig: Intel Core i7-9700k MSI RTX 2080 super gaming x trio Gigabyte Aorus Z390 master Corsair RMx 750W G.Skill Ripjaws V - 16GB (2x8), 3200MHz SilentiumPC Armis AR7X TG RGB HyperX Cloud II
  9. So the next question is what buzzing do i hear under heavy GPU load. It's buzzind and not constant. It's only in my right headphone, tested another headset - same result. Tests done so far: Any CPU stress test - no buzzing sound in my headphones (occt, prime95). GPU Stress test (heaven, valley) - buzzin sound. It's only when GPU is under heavy load.
  10. Ok, few thins to point out... When I came back from work i've noticed something and tried something. 1. Sparks are not from the PSU, my chipsed rgb led flashes when i switch the PSU (white-yellowish light which i mistook for the arc). 2. I've disconnected everything from the pc - still i can hear this squite buzzing sound. 3. I took out PSU from the case - still the same. 4. I took my pc to my friend to check if it's something with the grounding in my home - the same. 5. I've tried grounding in my wall outlet with multimeter, everything seems to be fine. The sound is not like in videos with coil whine. It's nothing like in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA8FY7t5S-M) it's quiet like in some cases when you plug some electric device to the power and you can hear that specific quiet "zzzz" sound. My phone can't even record that. In this case. Is something wrong with my pc? Why under heavy load i can hear some buzzin in my headphone? Could it be intererence from GPU? And when shutting down the pc i can hear click, but as in my previous PSU i presume it's completely normal.
  11. I've sent email to corsair support. Waiting for the response and/or replacement.
  12. Ohh there is something else. Two weeks ago after i changed my GPU i've noticed something. When GPU is under heavy load i can hear in my headphones another buzzing sound. I thought that's GPU interfering with build-in soundcard. I bought an external dac (sennheiser gsx 1200 pro). The buzzing is gone, but i can "hear the line" of dac. Maybe that's also the problem with the PSU or grounding(buzzin, not the DAC sound)?