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  1. Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention that FPS caps work in other games as they should with identical settings. Even resetting everything to global in the control panel hasn't worked. Very odd.
  2. Hi guys, I recently purchased the Asus PG258Q mainly to play Apex Legends with it. Loving the high refresh rate and G Sync feature. However I have noticed that I can't really cap my FPS anymore. FPS will always fluctuate between the FPS cap that i set (no matter the exact amount) and approximately 5 FPS above it. So it must be some kind of Sync "pulling" it towards the monitors refresh rate if that makes any sense? I am capping the fps via advanced launch options. This issue didn't exist with my old 144hz monitor. I have tried all combinations of Gsync and Vsync on and off and also set preferred refresh rate to application controlled in the control panel. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone know what the issue is? Specs: 8700k stock 32gb 3000mhz gtx 1080 Game is installed on an SSD if that matters. Reinstalled it several times already. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!