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  1. I built my PC about a year ago, and I am now noticing that my CPU voltage is now 1.385 to 1.4 v at base and at max load it gets to 1.5v. I did not overclock the CPU or manually change the voltage, but, at one point, XFR/PBO was accepted. Not even a day later, realizing that my CPU temps were to high, I decided to disable XFR/PBO and set all CPU settings to stock. But I realized my voltage stayed very high. I will admit, I was not as attentive to the CPU voltage before I turned those settings on, but still 1.5v is NOT normal according to AMD. Is something wrong? Edit: Under load at 1.5v my CPU can barely manage 4.0Ghz. My minimum CPU percentage is %20 or %30. So that begs the question why is my CPU performance so low at such high voltages?