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  1. Okay, I assumed so but I mean, companies all to often do little things like that, but it's nice to get some kind of confirmation.
  2. If I buy a 3rd party Google Assistant enabled speaker can I use it to do that like smart lock and smart thermostat type stuff? or do I have to buy googles own speakers to control most nest products?
  3. Whats the situation with the $49.99 MM1000 Qi pad? Because whenever I see it, I'm just a tad bit confused about why its still visible, I'd have assumed that if this cheaper version is no longer in production they'd have shoved it into some deep dark corner of their site
  4. Yes I have, unfortunately it did nothing to help me.
  5. Whenever I try to open/run ANYTHING related to drawing it does not run successfully be it MS Paint or a (admittedly illegitimate) copy of Photoshop. Neither will start using run as administrator. It will show as a background task. If it may be relevant I have a Huion drawing tablet and previously had its drivers installed. Does anyone have any ideas for a fix?
  6. I'm considering buying the Oculus Quest for its portability and soon enough the link cable but i have a higher IPD of around 71.8. Is this a comfortable headset for such a wide IPD or is it so close to its maximum that it will cause discomfort? I'd like to note that the longest i will probably go without taking a break is about 2 hrs and this would be my first proper VR headset.
  7. mikuball.png.cef45a8682387612251578899f7318f3.pngyou have been mikuballed

    1. Trans_Ghost


      u.nhnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhg ghhhhh miku baaallll


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  8. I've heard that the Virtuoso SE's larger mic is a hindrance to its sound quality making its cheaper sibling hold the title for better microphone. Does this seem true to anyone who bought either/or? (For example: if you bought standard do SE mic tests sound worse in your opinion)