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  1. Hello! I'll mesure the temps and report back. I posted this because last night, while playing a few games, I noted that the tempered glass was hot. And also I could't touch the backplate of the GPU. And that never happened before. Well, after 10 minutes of playing Overwatch: GPU: 85º CPU: 76º But what worries me now, is the smell of hot plastic.
  2. Hello. Right now, I'm using the stock fans: AF140L in the front panel and 1x120 in the rear. Those Phanteks fans are high static pressure fans. Can't buy the not static pressure ones, because there are not for sell in my country. In fact, I have very limited options to buy good fans. Ex: Corsair ll120 costs like $60 dollars each (on sale) The Masterfans are hybrid fans. But don't know about how good they are. With the Corsair 400c I can put 3x120 fans in the front or 2x140. 1x120 in the rear and 2x120 or 2x140 at the top
  3. Hello, everyone! I have a Corsair 400C and I like it. But the thing is: when I play games my system runs hot. Even the tempered glass is hot. I never played games before, so, I have the stock fans. I almost bought new fans for the case, but then I tough: what about a new case? So, I'm between the Meshify C or just buy new fans for the Corsair 400C. I don't know if the Meshify C will be an upgrade. I'll not use any water cooling system. Just air. I'll probably not overclock the system either (only the RAM). So, my options are: A- Corsair 400C with new fans B- Meshify C C- Meshify C and new fans I'm between this fans: Phanteks Ph-f140mp or Phanteks Ph-f120mp $20 Cooler Master Mf120r $15 Can't go with Noctuas, because of the price: Noctua Nf-f12 $50 My system: Ryzen 2600 (stock cooler) Ab 350 gaming 3 Hyperx Predator 2x8 GB Sapphire 5700 XT Nitro+ Like I always say: I can't make a decision and I'm not an expert, so I need some advice. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone. I have a Rx 570, it's a nice GPU but I'm gonna use it for another build. So it's time to upgrade. I know there is a lot of threads about this. And I'm sorry to open a new one. I live in Argentina and prices are not only high but we don't have a lot of options to buy. Anyway, I have an AOC c24fg1 monitor: 1080p 144hz with Freesync, so my first option was an RX 5700 xt nitro+. Until I read all the issues, not with this specific GPU but with RX 5700 line. So now I'm thinking about getting an Nvidia GPU too. My options so far: 1- SAPPHIRE NITRO+ RX 5700 XT u$s 621 (No local seller. 7 days return warranty. After that, directly with Sapphire US) 2- ASUS RTX 2070 SUPER ROG STRIX ADVANCED u$s 764 (Local seller. 12 months warranty. Free copy of COD MW, value: u$s 31.) 3- ASUS RTX 2060 SUPER ROG STRIX ADVANCED u$s 607 (Local seller. 12 months warranty. Free copy of COD MW, value: u$s 31) 4- MSI RX 5700 GAMING X u$s 540 (Local seller. 12 months warranty) 5- GIGABYTE RX5700 GAMING OC u$s 510 (Local seller) I'm not planning on changing my monitor any time soon and I know that the 5700 xt or 2070s are overkill for 1080p. But I'll probably have this GPU for a few years. So I need help to make a choice. Is too much risk to go with Sapphire? (really love the design and is perfect for my build, but there is no local seller, so if something fails after 7 days, I'll to deal with US support) Does Freesync works like it should on Nvidia? I can't make a decision and I'm not an expert, so I need some advice. Thank you!