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  1. I have a budget of ~$500, I want at least 100hz, gysnc, and 1440p but I doubt I can get all of those for ~$500.
  2. I do have the motherboard, but is a proprietary board.
  3. It has an i3 Idk which variant but I got it about 5-6 years ago, it has 16 gb of ddr3 ram, the hard drives above. I will need to upgrade the networking because it is using a usb (2.0) wifi dongle as it's only networking.
  4. I want to build a NAS because I need storage that can be accessed by all of my computers, 2 pcs and a macbook pro. I want to keep the build small and as cheap as possible. I do have a really shitty i3 in one of my older shitty computers that I may use. And 2 1tb drives but I want to get larger and faster ones because those are like a decade old. If possible I'd like to keep under $400-500 (usd). Thanks!
  5. Yeah, and when it comes to the gpu the only gpu block I found is from bykski and thats fine but then I'd probably go all bykski.
  6. I was thinking to get started to get the custom loop kits from ekwb but I am not sure.
  7. I don't want to spend more than ~400, I might wait a year before doing this project if it costs more because I just spent $1500 on my new pc and soon a new monitor.
  8. Get the airpods 2. Sound quality isn't the best but it is probably the best for apple devices, but be warned it will dig the person deeper into the apple ecosystem.
  9. I use a macbook pro and a desktop a lot and want to use my keyboard and mouse on both. Should I spend the $30 on synergy? Is there an alternative I can do for cheaper or works better?
  10. actually rn that monitor is less than 500 https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Predator-XB271HU-bmiprz-2560x1440/dp/B06ZXZ3QBD
  11. Photoshop, Coding, Gaming, and CAD. So I think an IPS panel would be best.
  12. I need a new monitor, my current one is falling apart. I would like to spend at most ~500. I was thinking about the lg gl850-b. I want 1440p at 27". Ultrawide would be nice but not necessary. I also would like 100 hz at least.
  13. ok so if I get it can I use it with no plan or extra cost?
  14. On swappa there is a used one from tmobile for like $370
  15. Yeah, but it is more expensive on this phone