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  1. Sharkyq

    Ram fail

    Yes i tried, both have same 8gb ram usable.. I tried even overclocking them but it still do the same.. Even when i turn on a-xmp it still shows that i have only 8gb of usage on ram... I don't know how to fix this problem
  2. Sharkyq

    Ram fail

    Hi. So i got a problem with my ram.. Built a pc on my own, motherboard is MSI B450 tomahawk max, Cpu AMD ryzen 7 2700x 16GB 2x8gb kit of 2 ram g. Skill ripjaws and Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB.. The issue is when i put the rams in each Chanel it says that i have installed 16gb ram but usable is only 8gb.. When i put them both in 1 Chanel it says that i have all 16gb of ram but it makes error on turning on the pc that i have to move one of ram back to second Chanel.. What could be the problem and what Should i do? Thanks for help :)