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  1. nah , just this little bit of advice is helpful thank you. I wasn't aware there were still protections in place, thought overclocking was by definition 's circumventing those protections. that makes me feel better
  2. one nice thing about my mainboard is it has a button that will reset the OC. so I'm waaaaay more worried about permanently damaging the cpu then just resetting and dropping it to 4.8ghz or whatever. I cant afforded to replace it rn, why im trying to be as safe as possible. I do understand its inherently unsafe though
  3. this was something I was thinking about as well. I really dont understand voltages though as this is my first time. I found this good how too vid with my cpu and mother board that looks legit enough but id still be taking this guys word for it. in the end I thought go with the asus profile not just becuse its easy , but I thought they would be more proven and stable becuse its a sold product but I have no info to back that up either. here's the vid I mentioned
  4. hey guys , a serious thanks for any advice. I'm about to do my first over clock on my i7700k and id be lying if I wasn't nervous. I have the asus apex ix mother board that has a profile to OC to 5ghz for you so I figured id try that but I'm wondering what the best benchmark is to (as safe as possible) test for stability ? I hear prime 95 thrown around a lot but I heard that's REALLY hard on your cpu. was thinking about OCCT instead. not looking to break any records here just gaming and everyday use. I own 3d mark but I heard that's more for gpu but if it will work I know that well. also how long would you realistically run it for 24 hours seems extreme and unsafe. thanks again !