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  1. Yes, I looked at Evga G2 - but I read that while its components are slightly better quality, it's also louder than RMx. I also checked out Fractal Design Ion+ which is platinium cert, but I read on tomshardware review that it's not that great of psu - its "only" good. And paying more to get 1% better efficiency will pay off maybe after 20 years and won't generate significantly less heat, so I don't see any point investing in it. All in all, when it comes to price, RMx with discount from that shop is like 30-50$ cheaper than those two. EDIT: There is also a Corsair HX 750W for 10$ more...
  2. Hi, I've got Thermaltake tt se 530W PSU for almost 6 years. There was never an issue with it and it gives me enough power, but i lost cables to it. Right now I power my gpu with one 8pin from psu and 6pin from 2 molexes. Works good, but the asthetics are not there :) So I went through some posts here and tier list as well. Corsair RM750x caught my attention. I started searching in shops in my country and i found that I can get Corsair RM850x for ~140$ (same price for RM550x in this shop). So I've been thinking is there any downside to having a lot of unsed wattage, apart from cost of psu, which in this case doesn't apply - u basically get 300w for free and more cables! My rig should use around 300-400w in max stress (gtx 1080Ti and xeon e1231v3). Cheers