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  1. The guy will most likely be selling the card to someone else and I haven't found another 1060 under 150-160. What's your suggestion? Also the 570 is on sale rn and I don't know when it is ending. But I'll just keep looking for a little bit more. Thanks though.
  2. Ok thanks for the reply and the suggestion! I'll see where he lives and if the trip is as easy as it is to get the new 570.
  3. He said he had it in a PC that he rarely used for movies and very light gaming. He also told me he has had the card for like 3-4 years now.
  4. Hey guys I'm once again asking for your help. I wanted you opinions on this dilemma I have about which GPU I should buy. I'm between a used GTX 1060 3GB Zotac(small version of it with 1 fan) for around 100 euro, and a brand new RX 570 8GB Asrock Phantom Gaming D for 140 euro. What are your opinions, which should I buy? Do you have any other suggestions?(I don't want to spend more than 150) Thanks in advance! BTW I have a 1080p 75Hz monitor!
  5. GeorgeT123


    Thanks for the reply and yeah for the time being my budget is staying under 450 euro!
  6. GeorgeT123


    Will the 280x be enough for the games I mentioned and maybe GTA V? Or should I just go with the 470?
  7. GeorgeT123


    Yeah sorry I didnt write it. It's 80 euro!
  8. GeorgeT123


    Hey guys. I am asking for your help for the fifth and last time. I want your opinions on which GPU I should choose. ALL THE GPUs MENTIONED ARE USED. I am currently using a 3200g with only its iGPU. I have been looking for GPUs on the used market for a while but haven't really found anything. But recently I found an R9 280x for 50€, a RX 470 4GB and a RX 570 4GB for 90 euro! I don't want to spend a lot of money on a higher-end GPU because I wont be using this system that much after the summer because I won't have that much time, and I also don't play that demanding games ( I'll be playing games like LoL, Rainbow Six, maybe Fortnite, CSGO and Rocket League). What is you opinions on this and which should I consider buying? Thanks in advance for the replies!
  9. It's that the case doesn't have the best dust filtration and that the spot I have my PC at has a lot of dust build up. But I don't really have any other place to put it that it could help.
  10. Ok thank you very much for your replies! It really helped me out!
  11. Firstly, i can't escape the dust however much I clean it so I clean it every few months. Secondly, the cables I'm worried about are the USB 3.0 and the USB 2.0 and the SATA PORTS .
  12. Hey guys. I'm not sure if I should post this here or the GPU thread. I wanted to ask if a R9 280x toxic(three fans) will fit with the way I have put the cables in my motherboard. And in general will a two fan GPU fit well and easily? Thanks in advance.
  13. Ok! Honestly thank you so much for answering! You really helped!
  14. Hey, last question. Would you recommend a 1050 2gb for 65 euro over a r9 380 or R7 265 40-45 euro both?