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  1. Yeah, basically downtown. Not like in the middle, so there's parking on my street and whatnot. As lame as I feel, I'd rather ask for help than blow up my new rig lmao.
  2. I'm working on my first build. I've got the cpu and motherboard installed fine, but am pretty lost when it comes to all the cables. Wanted to see if anyone in the area might be able to help me through it? I live in the arts district.
  3. Thanks man. My motherboard and nvme showed up this morning. I adjusted my original post to include what I’ve ordered so far. What do you think? I know MSI gets mixed reviews but this board is their newest, it has received nothing but praise as far as I can tell. Will end up being over 3k by the time I’m done, but like you said future proofing a bit. Meme is spot on too.
  4. Nice, surprising to see how affordable you can put together a decent set up now days. Especially coming from Apple.
  5. I don't particularly care about noise, I live by myself. As long as it isn't like to an annoying level. I'm not doing a ton of effects, but do scrub video when I'm chopping stuff up.
  6. I do a fair amount of web conferencing and also record tutorials with Screenflow, which tends to eat a bunch of ram and cpu when rendering.
  7. 3k is what I'd like to keep it under, but if there was a big reason to spend more I could.
  8. If you think it's overkill what would you recommend as a best all around?